Who we are

We are a team of passionate digital development experts who go above and beyond to bring you outstanding web design and development solutions. At our core, we are a creative agency driven by a desire to help businesses grow and succeed.

With a team that boasts diverse talents and expertise, we approach every project with a dynamic and collaborative mindset. Our team members bring their unique strengths to the table, from innovative web development to distinguished web design and tenacious communication and relationship-building skills.

At our agency, we understand that in today's fast-paced digital landscape, it takes a creative and authentic approach to stand out from the competition truly. That's why we strive to deliver unique and honest solutions that will help your website soar to new heights. Let us help light the jets under your website and give it the boost it needs to take off.

What makes us unique?


Our team is committed to understanding your vision. We take this vision and turn it into a platform that is uniquely yours. To achieve these outstanding results, we approach this with clear, honest communication so you are never kept in the dark throughout our development process. Instead of purchasing a website with continuous add-ons and hidden cost purchases, we develop a package that fits all your needs with no hidden upgrades required to deliver the optimum performance.


We take a unique approach to web design & development. When building your website, we consider your brand, company, specific customer base & how best they respond, along with what drives the passion of your business. This approach allows our team to create a package that not only expresses the values and ideas at the core of your business. But also allows us to produce a functional website that your target demographic can use smoothly.

Care and support

Here we believe that ongoing care and support is where the true success of your website lies, therefore this service is offered as part of the package we have tailored for you. Not only will we create a striking website that caters specifically to your needs, we will continue to support your website as your business grows.

Cosmoweb Team


Biking - Music - Coding

Daniel Pinto
Web Developer


Making earrings - Longboarding - Makeup

Javiera Fuentes
Web Designer
Web Developer / UX Designer


Knitting - Video Edition - Roller Skating

Catalina Fuentes
Creative Director
Web Developer / UX Designer
Professional web development with a personal flare – we create remarkable websites that cater specifically to you.
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